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Selecting elements also becomes a chore after so many are made; I only got my number up to 10 or so, I'd hate to have to slide through more than 250 of them!

On a different note, the music wasn't fitting (not mystic-sounding enough! The text could also use some editing, as there are misspellings and grammar errors scattered about.

Thoroughly intrigued and filled with curiosity, our Sassy Hong Kong editor Lauren and I made our way up past the old Central police station to check out Alchemy for ourselves.

Separated into two sections, Alchemy is made up of a (fully lit) upstairs lounge and a pitch-black restaurant downstairs, called Alchemy in The Dark.

Let's try to make mineral acids, discover alcohol, and even life on the way to the major goal.

Some of its practitioners had altruistic intentions.So, from a pool of “it” restaurants, fashionable watering holes, cool cafés and sought-after saloons comes a wholly unique dining experience that is sure to alter your perceptions of food and drink.Tucked up on Arbuthnot road is Alchemy, a new French Creations group restaurant and lounge focused on letting your senses guide you.She is associated with the school of alchemy typified by Mary the Jewess and Comarius.These alchemists used complex apparatus for distillation and sublimation.

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