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The Shears brothers brought that world to the Constellation room Sunday night, playing a home town show for their “Haha” record release, the group’s second full-length.

The Vadaverse came into the picture when both Fletcher and Wyatt decided they didn’t want to fit into other music categories, so they created their own world and genre, Vada Vada.

The Hollywood Reporter said the cause is believed to be a blood clot in his ankle.

Sawyer appeared on MTV's "Catfish" in 2013 with Michael Fortunato whom she had been communicating with online for seven years.

Fortunato died of a pulmonary embolism a month after their episode aired.

Ashley Sawyer was found dead on April 30 at an apartment complex in Hoover, Alabama, police told CNN.

Authorities said they were investigating her death as a drug overdose.

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