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bath-haya'anah, "daughter of greediness" or of "shouting." In the list of unclean birds (Lev.

In all these passages the Revised Version translates "ostrich" (q.v.), which is the correct rendering.(2.) Heb. I know nothing which more vividly brought to my mind the sense of desolation and loneliness than the re-echoing hoot of two or three of these great owls as I stood at midnight among the ruined temples of Baalbek" (Tristram). and Vulgate render this word by "ibis", i.e., the Egyptian heron.(3.) Heb. It is a migrant, returning to Palestine in spring."(5.) Heb.

In China, the 13th-century Mongol conquest caused a decline in farming and trading.

OIO is exactly the electronic data format,mandatory for all vendors invoicing of public customers. This is supposed to be the Egyptian eagle-owl (Bubo ascalaphus), which takes the place of the eagle-owl (Bubo maximus) found in Southern Europe. The Arabs call this bird "the mother of ruins." It is by far the most common of all the owls of Palestine. and Vulgate, "hedgehog," reading in the text, kippod, instead of kippoz. The Hebrew word is from a root signifying "night." Some species of the owl is obviously intended by this word.Now we thought was time for us (2 guys) to challenge a strongly consolidated market: on one side:the systems market (thousonds of staff, private aircraft hangar with jets and helicopters) and on the second side Consulting: a huge number of small, midsized, and large companies, all hunting business in the public sector as consequnce of the financial crises and following closure of the privat sector.No interest in “Gregersen & Petersen” – out of fear of disappearing in the crowd.There was something like an eagleowl in English language…

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We quit our jobs – went to bank to pledge our cars, cashed in all our debits and prepared our loved ones on the risk of loosing house and home.

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