Declan donnelly dating georgie thompson c validating data

"Ben and I are in a great place." "We met through friends at an event," added the 36-year-old. It was a bit of a thunderbolt moment but a thunderbolt that took years before it became anything real.

"We were in different places, but then in April the stars aligned and it made sense to be together and we haven't looked back since.

‘Dec and Georgie‘s relationship has sadly come to an end,’ confirms a spokesman for Dec.

‘Nobody else was involved and they remain good friends.’ Back in December, Dec admitted he was in no rush to take his relationship with Georgie to the next step.

A source told The Sun: ‘Georgie has always fancied Steve and jumped at the chance to meet him. ‘Like most of Steve’s dates, there was only going to be one result.

Explaining how that isn't the case, Ant said: 'There’s a rumour that we do everything together and I’m holding off having kids till Dec finds himself Mrs Right.

, Donnelly has been spotted out with Thompson, a Sky Sports News anchor, on a string of dates.

‘We’ve actually competed in a race together, in Lymington,’ says Georgie, ‘though when I say “together”, what I mean is that I was observing while Ben and six other sailors did all the hard work.

'It was a bit of a thunderbolt moment but a thunderbolt that took years before it became anything real.

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