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Not always with precision – but most definitely with speed.

I walk fast, I eat quickly, I write this blog in a half hour, I live by snap decisions, I make up my mind instantly, I change it just as kiss on the first date.

2 players perform a scene based on audience suggestion.

The scene begins with one of the players starting the sentence with a letter.

There is space in the music and independence for each of the players, space for individual expression, as well as the possibilities for dialogue and interaction at any moment.Players start out the scene with a basic suggestion (an activity, place, relationship etc).From time to time the MC will yell "Freeze" and will prompt the audience for a favorite movie or tv show.The other 2 playrs are either the teacher or late student.The late student has to explain to the teacher why they were late for school and how they got to school by watching the actions of the other 2 students.

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