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Thrown together at church once a week, the girls start as acquaintances, become friends and find themselves learning about their faith and themselves in ways that are engaging, thought-provoking and easy for young readers to relate to.

In addition to the two Every Tuesday Club books published, Brooks said at least two more are planned.

To observant Muslims, the traditional prom is a triple threat of music, dancing and mingling with the opposite sex--all of which are "haram," or forbidden, in Islam.

And while at least one Muslim high school, the Clara Mohammad School in Milwaukee, has entertained the idea of a prom-like event, parents and students are often not comfortable with the idea.

Vanessa the Wonder-worker: In this sequel to "Queen Abigail the Wise," 12-year-old Vanessa turns to the Every Tuesday Girls Club when her older brother is going through a crisis of faith. Paul Church (Grace's pastor) and proofreader of both books before publishing: "Grace has captured the essence of a pre- and young-teen's struggles, which mirror in a small way the struggles of all of us. I have the highest recommendation to pastors and parish bookstore managers — your parish young people will love these books." The books are available on Amazon and wholesale pricing is available directly from the author for orders of three or more copies.

That’s not just matchmaking; It’s actually pretty magical.

When you’re searching for a partner, the world can seem like a big place.

How do you find that special someone when there are so many "someones"?

The Orthodox fascinate and defy the number crunchers.

No group is growing so prodigiously: Seventy-four percent of Jewish children in New York are Orthodox and Satmar’s school system is now larger than all but three public school systems in New York State.

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