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For example, I have a workbook which contains multiple worksheets, the first master sheet has hyperlinks to other sheets, and now, I hide all sheets except the first one. I get "Subscript out of range error" and the debugger points to the "Sheets(str Link I have used this code on two different sheets in my workbook, and in both cases it works great, except for the first hyperlink on each page. It works for one of about 40 hyperlinks on one sheet and it opens two of about 10 hyperlinks one she second, the sheets on the second which do open do go back into hiding when I return to the sheet.In this case, the hyperlinks which link to hidden sheets are not available. Screen Updating = True End Sub script indicates the column number which contains the hyperlinks, please change it your need.2. I get "Subscript out of range error" and the debugger points to the "Sheets(str Link Sheet).

Range("Range 2").clearcontents ' Up to this point, Screenupdating=FALSE on ALL machines Sheets("Sheet 3"). The model contains thousands of lines of code over several modules and userforms, and requires the opening and closing of other Excel workbooks.

"VBAActuary" Check Radio Button Over the years, I've never got this function to work - not that I need it very often (there are usually better ways). I've done this before but I'm missing something about how "Me" works.

Given that the tab and group order flags for the radio buttons concerned are correctly set up, and their ID's are in the correct order, then why doesn't Check Radio Button( 1001, // first, 1003, // last 1002 // The one I want checked ) ; .... Return code is non-zero indicating no error, but no buttons are checked. Hi Geoff, Are the macros calling other macros that are also turning off screen refresh and calculation and turn them back on. Keyboard and mouse seem to not work with word Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) I just upgraded from a Powerbook G4 to a Mac Book Pro, and I've used my second key for this Office 2004 edition (Student and Teacher). I can't even close the program without Force Quitting (as I can't use the mouse and I can't do Command q). I reopen Form1, change the recordsouces of the subforms, but then the screen does not yet know that the subform recordsources are different,so I t...=Quarter Num(): How to make it work in Excel 2003 I recently switched from Excel 97 to Excel 2003 Today I tried to use Excel 2003 to enter data into a worksheet I originally created with Word 97.

I've got a listbox which populates a second listbox from cells on a hidden worksheet which is done through macros.

Every time I select a value in the listbox, the screen " flickers" to the hidden worksheet.

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